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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Paul Points The Finger...

The election of two British National Party councillors in the town of Heanor (a "fairly unremarkable little place", according to Paul Linford), East Derbyshire, has Mr Linford proclaming "The Shame Of Derbyshire". Very worrying indeed, but surely the shame must rest mostly with our mainstream political parties?

New Labour which broke its promise over the EU referendum?

New Labour, which thinks mass immigration and payment of slave wages is great for the economy?

New Labour with its skewed system of devolution bringing us health apartheid, the West Lothian Question, etc. (one could perhaps call it a racist government - racist against every man, woman and child in England!).

The Tories - with David Cameron prattling on about "Scots blood" in his veins, the "Scottish Empire" and how the Union is more important than parity for the electorate in England?

The Lib Dems - who have been backing the creation of elite electorates in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for a very long time?

Charges of racism CAN be brought on the grounds of nationality, so we could say that the mainstream parties are all inherently RACIST against the people of England. Remember, a Scots' life is worth more than one in England.

I am very concerned at the rise of the BNP, to anybody considering voting for this party I would say reconsider a thousand times, but I also believe that the BNP's rise is more than a little due to the mainstream parties ignoring the concerns of the electorate, becoming increasingly withdrawn and autocratic. The current EU set-up is not helping. We want a Union, not a dictatorship.

And Mr Linford seemed very happy when Gordon Brown was appointed PM., despite the fact that he was unelected and a great deal of his government's legislation would not have any effect on his own constituents.

The success of the BNP worries me. But so does the attitude of Mr Linford, writing about "Shame" without bothering to think about "Cause". The attitudes of the mainstream parties, including Mr Linford's own beloved New Labour, can hardly be called non-racist or democratic, either.

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