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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The British Soap Awards

Strange logo. Do the organisers of the British Soap Awards know exactly where Britain is?

British soap awards? Only soaps produced in England are eligible.

The annual British Soap Awards are looming. And once again the only soaps eligible for votes are soaps produced in England. Which also happen to be the only soaps that are networked. The BBC allows "River City" to remain preciously Scottish.

And there are are no English/Scots/Welsh catogories to allow "River City" to be voted for - and does Wales still have its own Welsh-speaking soap? It did a few years ago.

Once again, England and the English are submerged by "Britain" and the "British" and the Scots and Welsh are left out in the cold.

This kind of outdated nonsense does nobody any favours.

But never mind, eh, celeb seekers? Why bother your heads?

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