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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

David Cameron - No Hope For The "Sour Little Englanders"...

"Sour Little Englanders!" says David Cameron...

Since the disastrous results of the local elections for Labour, there's been a sudden rise in chortling Tory types where once there were screeches of "Justice For England". Despite David Cameron's pronounced anti-English/England stance, we're supposed to vote for him and embrace a new Tory Government which does not promise anything that different from the old NuLabour one.

"If Cameron gets in, we'll end up with better!" seems to be the glib assurance. I'm not so sure. He hasn't said.

"If Cameron get in, we'll end up with an English Parliament after a while!" seems to be another glib assurance doing the rounds.

I'm not convinced about that, either.

David Cameron is unfeeling and anti-English - whilst posing as "English". He doesn't care about health apartheid in England, or the elderly selling their homes and plundering their savings for care that is free in Scotland. He doesn't care that the poor scrimp and save in England for prescriptions free to millionaires in Wales.

A parliament for England? No!

West Lothian Question resolved? Don't bother - it's not even on his "top five list" of priorities!

Are we seeing a re-emergence of Little Britisher Tory types? I think we are. But for those of us who are genuinely concerned about the situation in England, remember that David Cameron is not committed to what is best for you, he values the Union above and beyond your lives if you happen to live in England, and his spitefulness towards the English often spills out on his visits to Scotland. Remember this is the man who declared those of us calling for parity: "Sour Little Englanders!"

For calling for equality in medical provision?

For calling for equality in social care provision?

For calling for democratic equality?

For calling for public spending equality?

Mr Cameron also tends to bang on about his forebears and the "Scottish Empire".

It's all very well to welcome the deserved drubbing of NuLabour at the recent polls, it's all very well to welcome the idea of a change, but fawning all over David Cameron and forgetting his hateful attitude towards England is not something I can manage.


  1. The trouble is it's not about how good Cameron is, it's how bad Labour has been. People don't want Cameron for his policies or integrity - they simply want the lesser of two evils. That's how things are now.

  2. That's just what I was thinking! David Cameron and his supporters should be aware that it's not enthusiasm for him or the Tories that have bought this about - simply desperation!

    Mind you, Mr C doesn't care WHY people vote for his party - just as long as they DO. That's the current state of politics.