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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Is It Good News For England That The Tories Have Done Well?

The local election results show that the Conservatives have given New Labour a well-deserved drubbing, but is that good news for England?

England lacks a First Minister, but hear David Cameron:

"I want to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, not England".

So, is Mr Cameron proposing an English Parliament complete with English First Minister? No, actually - he most definitely isn't.

England is severely disadvantaged by devolution - Scots lives are valued higher than English ones and prescriptions are free to millionaires in Wales, but hear David Cameron:

"I would rather have an imperfect Union rather than some perfect constitutional construct that would threaten the Union."

Roughly translated, this means that discrimination against the English is fine, so long as the Union is preserved.

And the West Lothian Question, which allows non-accountable MPs to vote on English legislation? It's not one of David Cameron's "top five issues"

The democratic deficit levelled against England as a nation is attracting increasing attention, but hear David Cameron:

"Sour Little Englanders".

David poses as being English, but let's face it national loyalties are all in the mind and Mr Cameron has bragged about "Scots blood" in his veins (whatever's that?!) and made bizarre jingoistic comments that some of his forebears:

"...were Scottish Empire builders - conquered all sorts of parts of India, I think."

Mr Cameron has been very happy to nip up to Scotland to diss the English on many occasions.

And as for the EU? Oh dear, whilst many want more say and doubt the benefits of the EU, Mr Cameron says:

"The vast majority of the British people want to stay in the EU. From the very next day our businesses will flounder and be unable to export to the EU."

The vast majority of the British people want to stay in the EU, Mr Cameron? When was the referendum? And the stuff about our businesses floundering and not being able to export to the EU is pure hogwash.

The Tories did well in the local elections only because New Labour has been so unbelievably awful. But the Tories could wipe the floor with the opposition if they would simply make democratic parity for England their priority.

But with David Cameron at the helm, that isn't likely.

And dissention in the ranks is not noticeable.

Perhaps being an Opposition MP is simply too comfortable these days, and the glittering rewards offered to gravy train riders from an EU future far too glittering to resist simply for the sake of democracy.

Whatever the reason, Cameron and Co are not in politics for the benefit of the people of England.

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