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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anti-English Supermarkets - Tesco And Sainsbury's, The Saga Continues...

We saw a frankly potty display of meat products in Tesco's on Saturday. On the top shelf was a whole range of "Scottish" meat products, complete with Saltire on the packaging. Below them was a whole range of "British" meat products - complete with Union Flag. When you consider that Britain came about because of the Union of Scotland and England, and that the Saltire is actually featured as part of the Union Flag, this can only be seen as being absolutely potty at best and anti-English at worst.

We're afraid the latter is the case.

Today, in Sainsbury's in Sidney Street, Cambridge (this is the store we mentioned before, which celebrated St Andrew's Day with a piper and Saltires galore and ignored St George's Day), we found "British" strawberries from "Kent, UK" - complete with Union Flag - and raspberries from "Angus, Scotland". No Union Flag on the packaging - no flag at all.

There was also lots of bunting festooned around the fruit displays, featuring the Union Flag and the slogan "British And In Season".

We popped off to the local market for some good, cheap local produce - much of which was actually marked "English".


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