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Monday, February 18, 2008

Unlock Democracy? As Far As England Is Concerned, Let's Keep It Locked, Says Peter Facey

"Are you a Celtic nationalist? Ooh, may I lick your bottom? You're English? Well, you can get stuffed, you mongrel!"

Peter Facey of Unlock Democracy:

I don’t see why central government, whether UK or English, should control issues that are local or regional in nature.

Basically, Mr Facey sees regionalisation of England at the behest of Scots and Welsh MPs as something worthy of prioritising. A representative national parliament for England? No, not important.

But surely democracy is about representation, surely a representative government should be overseeing England's future internal governance? Not important, says the surprisingly undemocratic Mr Facey.

However, in good old fascist "Our Kingdom" style, Mr Facey pauses to lick the arses of "pure Celtic" nationalists:

"I personally have never argued that a region like London or the North East is the same as Wales or Scotland, because they are part of a wider nation. With the exception of Cornwall none of the local identities in England are national in character..."

I personally have friends in Cornwall who view themselves as English and Cornwall as a county, Mr Facey. Don't their views count? Are you just concerned to get a perceived persecuted minority on your side, so that Mr So Called Pure-Celt of the Lizard will applaud you?

Cornwall needs a referendum to decide its future, as does the whole of England in fact.

Mr Facey is keen to see things are good locally. But how can they be when the decisions about how things are organised locally are out of our politicians' hands? When "our" politicians are never called to account for their actions as regards England anyway?

And what about health apartheid? The West Lothian Question? The Barnett Formula?

What motivates people like Peter Facey? What gives?

Unlock Democracy? Quite the reverse as far as England is concerned.

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  1. I notice the smug bastard has no problems with Scotch, Welsh or Cornish nationalism.

    Nor health apartheid and all that gear.

    Christ, people like him make me want to puke.