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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Kingdom Again: "Ominously" Anthony Barnett

Anthony Barnett writes a strange piece about Janet Daley's Telegraph article on defining Britishness.

Well, it's strange for those who are not used to his little ways on Our Kingdom.

Mr Barnett runs straight down the comments thread and grabs hold of a comment beginning:

I do so agree with those who prefer to be English rather than British. It makes me feel very resentful when I hear discussions where people are described as Asians, African, Afro-Caribeans and we are described as White (often by foreigners to these shores)I frequently point out that White is not a nationality and that my nationality is English.

And then Mr Barnett, of course, immediately decides that the writer is a racist.

But doesn't the problem actually lie elsewhere? Isn't it the UK Government which suppresses English national identity, whilst encouraging others? Isn't it the UK Government which brings a person's colour in to official form filling? Are you "White British" or "Black British"?

Perhaps it would be better to ask if people regard themselves as English or British? Because the array of tick boxes and the absence of an "English" option tick box is bewildering. Or perhaps the UK Government could follow what is happening elsewhere and list options such as "Jewish-English"?

Whatever, the Government's attempts to divide and rule and its refusal to recognise England and Englishness are what is at the root of this.

I wouldn't wrap me chips in "Our Kingdom"!

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