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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Daily Mail Deceives Public Over Caroline Flint's Role

I noticed whilst reading this Daily Mail article by James Chapman -

that the paper has not mentioned ANYWHERE that Caroline Flint's authority is not UK-wide - that she is only housing minister for England.

Several people that I know of wrote to the Mail yesterday pointing this out, as I did myself, but none of the e-mails have been published. Today I have sent this:

Ms Flint is not responsible for housing policy in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, which have their own devolved governments/assemblies. So why isn't this pointed out? This newspaper's staff are either trying to deceive the public into believing that devolution has made no difference, and so bolster up New Labour's Unionist lies, or your so-called "journalists" are simply thick.

Whatever the truth, this article is garbage, the fact that Caroline Flint only has control of England's housing should be pointed out as a matter of course.

I have written before with this point, but you haven't publish it, and I am now advertising that fact on my blog.

It really is time the corrupt British Press was MADE to tell the truth about devolution.

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