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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Christine Grahame, MSP - Another Liar?

It doesn't really matter how it's achieved, but Scotland is determined to have what is not rightfully Scotland's to have - and Christine Grahame, MSP, is one of the ring leaders.

Christine has been misleading the Daily Express concerning the maritime border between England and Scotland. In the 1960s, the border, which pointed upwards in line with the land border and international convention, was tweaked, ceding English North sea oil and gas to Scotland. As we were a "UK" and resources were to be shared equally, it was felt not to matter a jot. The UK Government opted not to consult the English.

Any changes since have not returned the border to its original state, but Christine Grahame is trying to make out that further tweaking in 1999 stole waters from the Scots! This is very rich indeed as that particular tweaking did nothing to restore any where near England's rightful share of the gas and oil.

Ms Grahame is trying to make out that the 1960s alteration, carried out without consulting the English, is the "historic border".

Oh dear.

And the Daily Express believes her.

Oh dear.

It could be that Christine Grahame does not do research. Or it could be that she is a simply a liar.

But whatever she is, she does Scotland's reputation no good at all.

Read Ms Grahame's spinnings on the Daily Express site - here.


Sue Campbell:

Born in England, but more Scottish than day old haggis, Christine Grahame uses her place of birth to try and make out that her actions are justified and that she's truly fair-minded. In reality, she's a conniving anti-English... er... MSP!

The SNP are anxious to use her to front their most dishonest endeavours, because then they can say: "But she was born in England! She's English! She has no axe to grind!"

No she isn't English - and yes she does have an axe to grind. She hates the English. I was born in Scotland and my Dad's a Scot, but believe me nationality's really a state of mind and I'm English!

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