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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Self Importance Of Our Kingdom

Recently received...

Our Kingdom immediately proclaimed itself to be something of import and seems to have been accepted as such in certain circles. Must be something to do with the class system! I read it as a boring, fascist site - which favours the UK Gov and EU over equal rights for the English.

Absolutely right. Who decides that Our Kingdom is worthy of reading and contributing to? Who thinks that Our Kingdom, which contains the downward forefinger jabbing, pop-eyed, non-democratic nonsense of the likes of Open Democracy's Peter Facey and the "Quick, write me an e-mail and make it look like it's from an English fascist!" nonsense of Anthony Barnett, is a worthy venture?

Who decides it's a site worth debating at? The site allows much fascist anti-English drivel to be published. Are the Scots, Welsh and "Cornish" Celts? Yes, says Our Kingdom! Does England lack moral vision and so not qualify for democratic rule? Yes, says our Kingdom!

People will say, "Ah, but Our Kingdom is not actually agreeing, it's simply allowing its real estate to be used to put forward these views."

Yes, but if it allowed such views to be expressed about any other nationality, the middle class prigs flocking to attend would fling up their hands in horror!

The likes of Open Democracy - come on down and jab your forefinger here and tell us what put you off the idea of democracy and parity for England, Peter Facey, and Our Kingdom - let's string together the words "English-fascist", does it give you an orgasm, Anthony Barnett? - are so far removed from the ordinary man and woman on the street.

Posing as civilised debate, they mask a heap of fascist, biased crap - all of it levelled against England.

Come down to our local high street Mr Facey, where we were discussing the need for an English Parliament this morning, downward jab your forefinger at us and tell us why regionalisation by the UK Government is best.

Get out into the real world. But then it's not really your scene, is it?

And Anthony Barnett, you already know what a rough and ready rabble the English are, don't you?

IOHO, Our Kingdom and Unlock Democracy is staffed by unreasonable, anti-English racists, to whom the so-called "Union" is God.

Lying, arrogant fuckwits.

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