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Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Solve Everything - Dissolve England Into Regions!"

I’ve never understood the “regions instead of an English parliament” argument.

For a start, regions would not solve the West Lothian Question, Barnett Formula, non-representative MPs problem. And whilst those who argue for regions profess to be liberals, terrified of an “over centralised” state, it is far more “over centralised” and indeed downright undemocratic for the UK Government to foist regions onto the electorate in England.

First, England needs its own, totally representative, national parliament. Then we work out the nuts and bolts of internal governance in England.

As for the EU angle, I’m all for integration and interaction with the rest of our tiny planet, but I don’t approve of the way the EU is going - it is undemocratic.

And surely everything being controlled from Brussels is rather more over-centralised than England having its own domestic parliament?

Gareth is on the subject over at the CEP News Blog.

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