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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Scottish Liberal Democrats, Welsh Liberal Democrats and NOW Chinese Liberal Democrats. But No English Liberal Democrats.

It seems more than slightly multicultural to have a Chinese Liberal Democrats. And is the multi-culti thing now on or off? It is deemed good or bad? I've lost track.
The Chinese Liberal Democrats apparently exist to "create a bridge between the UK Chinese community and the Liberal Democrats" and also, puzzlingly, to "establish closer links with China". Why?!!
And its patrons are Lord Paddy Ashdown and Sir Menzies Campbell. Sounds like a pathetic bit of posturing to me.
Of course, the Lib Dems have made no effort to establish closer links with England or the English. Like the other mainstream parties, the Liberal Democrats treat both with complete and utter contempt.


  1. I look forward to the creation of the Polish LibDemmers, the Lithuanian LibDemmers, the One-Legged Black Lesbian LibDemmers and the Lobsided LibDemmers....

  2. I thought this had something to do with Ming -- like a joke.

    The illiberal undemocrats have Welsh, Scottish and Federal organisations. Which is typical I suppose. Note they rejected devolution for England at their conference...