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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to Indoctrinating Children In English Schools With "Britishness".

According to Christine Gilbert, OFSTED, it is important to indoctrinate children in English schools with "Britishness", although this does not apply in Scotland and Wales...

Ms Gilbert also cautioned that schools were not giving children a clear understanding of their own identity and “what it means to be British”. “Young people understand less than they should about how our democracy works, the forces which have shaped it and its values, history and heritage: in short, what we understand by ’Britishness’ in the contemporary world,” she said.

We've covered this before -

Whilst we are aware that schools in Scotland and Wales do not have "Britishness" on their curriculums, here in England our children will be BRITISH - or the government and its minions like Christine Gilbert, the OFSTED Chief Inspector, will be demanding to know the reason why.

No inclusive civic English identity, in fact no mention of Englishness at all...

Our children will do as they are told!

To be British basically means to be a citizen of England, Wales or Scotland - it is a recent, highly synthetic nationality designed to further the interests of the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish during the times of imperialism.

In these days it is a nonsense. Britishness cannot exist without its component nations or nationalities. Just what is in this for the likes of Christine Gilbert? What she desires is illogical and, in these days of health apartheid, the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula, amounts to corrupt indoctrination of innocent, questioning minds, denying these minds access to the truth about how England is being governed post devolution.

Read more at the The Times - here. Even the photograph caption at Times Online reads:

The annual report of the schools inspectorate has criticised standards in British secondary schools.

Wrong. Its subject matter is only English schools - schools in England.

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