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Monday, October 08, 2007

Gordon Brown Decides Against Any Hint Of Democratic Rule For England...

Gordon Brown

So, Gordon Brown has decided against holding a General Election. Frankly, I'm not surprised. The man craves power and glory and the will of the people would not aid him.

Just remember...

When Gordon Brown talks about "Britishness", he is talking about an entirely synthetic nationality, just three hundred years old. In his own country, Scotland, and in Wales, nationally representative bodies are Scottish and Welsh and these are inclusive nationalities, no bar via race or creed. Gordon Brown and his ilk wish to make out that Englishness is an exclusive ethnicity, and that "Britishness" is wonderful, inclusive, good and kind...

By denying England equality with Scotland, we find that the UK Government has:

1) Caused a system of health apartheid - life prolonging/enhancing medications available on the NHS in Scotland are not available in England, and prescriptions free to millionaires in Wales are scrimped and saved for in England.

2) Made the West Lothian Question of tremendous concern - Top Up Fees and Foundation Hospitals were forced on England by MPs representing Scots constituencies. Ministers for English ministries such as transport need not represent the people of England, it seems. They can represent Scots constituencies, where they have no authority over the relevant legislation as it is devolved.

3) Refused to address the issue of the Barnett Formula. Public spending is still far higher in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales than it is in England. The oil issue is a red herring as UK resources should be shared, and the maritime boundary was tweaked in the late 1960s anyway, giving English oil to Scotland! The English were not consulted.

So, when you hear Gordon Brown twittering on prettily about "Britishness" beware. The man is not being modern, inclusive and non-racist. He is simply hoping to perpetuate the system of non-democratic rule and health apartheid in England which he helped to create. He is hoping to hold onto power not given to him by the people.

Here is a man who swiped two billion pounds from the English NHS in his last act as Chancellor, but left the Scots and Welsh budgets intact; here is a man who promised the people a referendum on the EU, but will not allow one; here is a man who simply has no mandate to govern England. When he says "Britain", he lies. The vast majority of legislation passed by his government applies to England only. Health, transport, education and many other areas are devolved in Scotland and an increasing number elsewhere in the so-called UK too.

"Britain" is now a lie. Since devolution kicked in it has not truly existed. It is a sham - a ruse used to manipulate and cheat the people of England.

And, thanks to Gordon Brown bottling out of a General Election, we shall have to put up with this for several years to come.

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