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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GMTV Gets Involved and Immediately Starts Talking Kack...

Has Wincey's mullet been on assignment for GMTV?
Yep, ITV breakfast TV station GMTV, that seasoned purveyor of political debate, has waded in to the great devolution controversy...

What do you think? Should Scotland be made to raise the money it spends? Or should Great Britain support all of its citizens as equally as possible, as the Barnett formula attempts to do.

Er, the Barnett Formula was introduced for one year to appease Scots Nats in the late 1970s and has never gone away. Its creator, Lord Joel Barnett, has disowned the formula, saying that it is unfair to England and needs to be changed. It was never a formula for fairness. Where did GMTV get that idea? The breakfast thinkers continue...

Would Scotland even need handouts from Westminster if it still controlled its North Sea oil deposits? Let us know your thoughts on the great divide.

Um, Scotland NEVER controlled North Sea oil deposits and it is not a Scottish resource. The oil belongs to the UK. There is even controversy about the UK Government tweaking the maritime border in Scotland's favour, without consulting the English, back in the 1960s, a situation which cannot be allowed to go unresolved if Scotland goes independent. In the meantime, the oil is a UK resource, its proceeds to be shared.

Perhaps GMTV should stick to what it does best, exploring in depth top issues of the day like: "The 1980s Revival: Shoulder Pads, Lycra Leggings, Pixie Boots, Blonde Highlights, Ra Ra Skirts and Deelyboppers. Good Or Bad?"

Or: "What Do You Pop In Your Percolator Every Morning?"

The devolution blurb immediately misinforms readers.
Drew and Fiona wonder: "Who did the research? Wincey Willis' mullet?"

Nah. It would have had more sense. I strongly suspect a GMTV researcher is at the bottom of all this...

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