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Monday, October 01, 2007

Prodicus: Is Britishness Merely A State Of Mind, Gordon?

Prodicus has been in touch with news of an interesting post over at his blog:

... can you think of a single case of our thought-masters approving the infliction on, oh, pick any country in the developing world, of what they themselves have deliberately done to England - and to a lesser extent, to Britain - which is to say, they have destroyed, decried and denied its identity and its legitimate culture and customs and sacrificed its 'emotional inheritance' and its people's right to self-determination to both an imperialist foreign government and a group of colonising settlers. NO. If England were a 'developing country', they would march on the very streets for the freedom of the English (and the rest of the British) people and against imperialist interference and oppression. But this, my friends, is England, so all the rules are reversed. They save their energies for Marxist-approved cases like Burma and Kosova. (Not Zimbabwe, note.)

We are living Through the Looking Glass.

Read the full post here.

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