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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Sunday Herald: People In England Who Want Equality And A Return To Democratic Rule Are Anti-Scottish Racists!

The CEP News Blog highlights the latest anti-democratic and anti-English ramblings of the Sunday Herald newspaper, in response to an article in The Economist, highlighting the UK Government's anti-England spending bias.

A quote from the Herald:

Yet countless polls over the years have detected latent resentment at a Scottish “Raj” running English affairs. Like all racism, this has remained latent despite attempts by the Daily Telegraph, Jeremy Paxman and the Campaign for an English Parliament to inflame it. And indeed by The Economist, which portrays Scotland as dependent and parasitical on the UK economy. “Like teenagers on an allowance”, as Grimond describes it. I suppose Scotland’s oil is just pocket money then.

We're racists then, simply for wanting equality? Good grief, I'm half Scottish, half English and I think the current set-up stinks to high heaven.

The Herald's argument is not strong on logic. It's Scotland's oil? But some is in English waters and if they seriously believe that Gordon Brown can rule England, though not democratically accountable, surely they must believe in the concept of "Britain"? So England is "Britain", and it's fine for an MP representing a Scottish constituency to rule it, but the oil is "Scottish"?

Does not compute.

The article also quotes Robert Hazell, Mr "I'm in the Government's pocket" of the Constitution Unit. I've heard more sense from
Gilbert the Alien.

I had hoped for an attempt at serious, responsible journalism from the Herald. An attempt by this newspaper to pull itself out of the gutter. It is with great regret that I demote it from fish 'n' chip wrapper to the dustbin.

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