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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Herald - The Beano of Scottish Newspapers

The Herald is actually The Beano of Scottish newspapers. If you want a giggle, then have a read. It's different from day-to-day, but I've recently enjoyed the ramblings of a correspondent who questioned what mandate Thatcher had to govern the UK pre-devolution, another who believed that Thatcher was PM for 17 years, and another who believed their region... sorry, I mean "nation", was suppressed by England for 300 years.

But recently a Herald article appeared in a slightly different vein, in response to a poll commissioned for the BBC's Politics Show. The question was "Should the UK have a Scottish PM now that Scotland has its own parliament?" and 52% of those polled said no. So, the Herald started wittering on about something called "Scottophobia"...

Today’s Scottophobia also reveals a complete misunderstanding of the devolution settlement. It was intended to strengthen the Union by promoting constitutional diversity. If jealousy and suspicion are as prevalent as they were more than 300 years ago, and these attitudes are held over a wider social base, Britain is not the mature society, at ease with itself, we had hoped was the case.

This, from a country which was over represented in the old UK parliament, and bayed and whined for its own parliament. A country which is now even more over represented, with a Secretary of State at Westminster, MPs voting on UK and English issues AND its own parliament at home. A country whose politicians force through legislation for England, although not democratically accountable. A country which supports any other country against its nearest neighbour and fellow Union member in sporting events.

Very mature, I'm sure.

What disturbs most people in England and Wales about the idea of an MP with a Scottish constituency being UK PM is that a great deal of the legislation passed under his/her government would not apply to his/her own constituents. The whole foundation of democratic government would be compromised to an alarming degree. More than it has been already by the bizarre appointments of various non-democratically accountable health and transport ministers for England over the last few years.

The Herald article is funny - there is nothing more twisted than a bitter Little Scotlander twisting the facts. In fact, there is nobody better at painting themselves and their country as saint, victim or martyr. If it was a national sport, Scotland would be top every time. YOU are at fault. WE are perfect, you get their drift.

But, on the negative side, the article could actually help to stir up ill feeling both sides of the border.

Not that it needs stirring up in Scotland.

Stick to being harmless and funny, Herald.

Or the fish and chips.


An e-mail from Sue Campbell, an old friend of the CEP Cambridgeshire blog:

I thought that the Herald article was pathetic. The impression it gives is that the Scots are mature and the English are not! The impression it gives is that the English discriminate against the Scots, have done so for centuries, but the Scots have a perfectly reasonable attitude towards the English.

The impression it gives is that the current state of devolution in the UK and the Scottish people in general are beyond reproach.

Like you, Chris, I'm half English, half Scottish and you should hear the way my old dad carries on about the English at times. Despite the fact he married an Englishwoman and lives in England!

And as for devolution thus far being fair!!

My carefully considered opinion on the Herald article?

Laugh?! I nearly passed me ciggies round!

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