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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Neil Kinnock On Football: "I Hope You Lose, England!"

Here's Neil Kinnock, a man who feathers his nest from "British" politics. A man who absolutely can't bear England at any cost, it seems.

Remember what he said at the "Values of Britishness" conference in November 2005?

"I am pro-Britain in everything I do. I always support Britain. I support the British Lions on every occasion. I support any and every Welsh team on every occasion. And I support any and every team on every occasion when they are playing against England. "

So, you won't be joining the majority of people in Britain crying "Come on, England!" once the footie starts, eh, Neil? In fact you'll be supporting the opposing teams?

Absolutely charming.

Perhaps it's not so surprising, Mr Kinnock is, after all, Welsh. But did he have to make his smug and unkind declaration at a junket largely paid for by England's tax payers? And did he really think we'd all have forgotten it by the time the footie season loomed again?

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