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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Core British Values" - But Only In English Schools

There is now a possibility that something called "core British values" might be taught to 11-16 year olds. But only in England. Why only in England? England alone is not Britain. Because the government likes to shove "Britishness" down our throats as it fogs the issues surrounding the unfair devolution settlement, West Lothian Question etc., that's why.

Gordon Brown has been particularly vocal. But there is a man with ambition. He's not about to let a little thing like democracy get in his way.

The BBC has run with the story, and consulted all sorts of worthies - including David Eaglesham of the SCOTTISH Secondary Teachers' Association. But the legislation won't apply in Scotland. So, why, if seeking irrelevant views, didn't the BBC consult a French or German or Russian or Australian or South African or Hungarian or Italian teaching organisation?

Because the BBC is in the government's pocket and likes to blur the facts of devolution, too.

The BBC's Scottish fixation is getting beyond a joke. Even their complaints department is based in Scotland - so people making points about this matter, and instances of anti-English bias in general, get short shrift, as I and several friends have found to our cost (one friend of mine contacted the Beeb about the lack of a national broadcasting service for England, and was ranted at by a chap called Fraser who stated that the BBC "did not want an England-only service").

Scotland, a country with a smaller population than an English county, let alone one of the undemocratic government regions we've had foisted on us (and which are shortly to replace our ancient counties), is dominating us and our national broadcasting service.


See the Beeb story here.

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