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Friday, May 08, 2009

Times Poll On Devolution Is Seriously Flawed And Highly Misleading...

The Times has carried out a survey on attitudes to Scottish devolution south and north of the border, and its headline trumpets:

70% of Britons support devolution for Scotland, poll suggests

Well, I hate to be a party pooper, but as 42% of those surveyed in England desire an English Parliament, and 52% believe that Scots constituency MPs should not be voting on English matters, the poll hardly suggests that everything in the garden is lovely. Also, consider the facts that only 911 people were surveyed in England and Wales (together) compared to 500 in Scotland - suggesting, as usual, that Scots' opinions are far more important than those from elsewhere in the UK.

And when you consider there are around 60 million people in England, as compared to around 5 million in Scotland...

But, apart from all this, the Times poll strikes us here at WENAP as another prime example of the media in England seeking to hide the facts about devolution - the headline suggests that everything in the garden is rosy, and as the media fails to inform people in England about the detrimental effects of devolution on its citizens, surely the poll is a complete and utter farce?

This particular quote from the Times reveals how absurdly ill-informed the majority of people are, thanks to the likes of the Times and the BBC:

It [the survey] found that 65% of people in Scotland and 73% in England and Wales believed relationships between the two countries have not changed since before devolution a decade ago.

And what about this? -

The Times newspaper survey found 70% of people north of the border and 70% in England and Wales thought devolution had been good for Scotland.

We believe that devolution has been good for Scotland - unfairly so - but that doesn't mean we support the current situation, and the Times headline states: 70% of Britons Support Devolution For Scotland. This is completely skewed and misleading.

Also, if the survey was about "relationships between the two countries" - our emphasis - meaning England and Scotland - why on earth were people in Wales surveyed on this point? What position are they in to judge?

Until the media in England opens up about the facts regarding devolution, then all such polls are a waste of time.

But, even taking that into account, we are surprised and gratified that 41% of those polled in England desire an English Parliament and 52% do not want Scots constituency MPs voting on English legislation.

Read the full Times report here.

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