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Friday, May 08, 2009

CEP: At last, an English MP speaks up for England and English jobs

'All classes of nuclear submarines in Britain will be based at Faslane on the Clyde in Scotland from 2017'. That was yesterday’s announcement from Bob Ainsworth Minister of State for Defence. As from 2017 there won’t be a single nuclear submarine based in any English naval port. There will be no jobs for an Englishman or woman in the maintenance and service of the British nuclear fleet as from 2017.The four Vanguard class submarines, which carry Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent, are already based in Faslane. But from 2017 the remaining three nuclear-powered Trafalgar Class submarines, which do not carry nuclear warheads, will be moved from Devonport in Plymouth to Faslane. All the 10,000 plus jobs plus a similar number in the industries immediately supplying the bases will go from Devon to Scotland.

‘This is the most blatant act of discrimination against the English workforce yet carried out by this Scottish-led government in its eleven years of existence,’ David Wildgoose, Vice Chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament, has stated in an emergency letter sent to all CEP members. ‘I urge every single member to write to their MP to object to this injustice. Britain's entire nuclear submarine fleet is to be based at Faslane on the Clyde. This government is allowing the "Scottish agenda" to threaten English jobs. Gordon Brown is taking jobs away from the English workforce of Devonport to ingratiate himself with this own Scottish countrymen and women in the hope of preserving Scottish votes in the coming local and EU elections on June 4th and the General Election next year. It is downright wrong. It is downright discrimination.

‘I agree wholeheartedly with the condemnation of the decision made by Gary Streeter, the MP for Devon South West who has said: "I fear that the Devonport naval base is going to be allowed to wither on the vine over the next five to 10 years. It has had 320 years of history. We will have the amphibious fleet, but that is three boats and not much else. That is not going to replace all these frigates and submarines". I agree with Mr Streeter when he says he is particularly angry because English jobs were being jeopardised by an attempt to appease the Scots.

And Mr Wildgoose reminded the CEP membership that for the last two years, in one press release after another, the Campaign has been trying to bring public attention to this Scottish-led UK government’s policy of transferring naval shipyard employment from Devonport, Tyneside, Barrow on Furness and Appledore to the two Scottish yards of Faslane on the Clyde adjacent to the Glasgow heartland of the government’s support in Scotland and to Rosyth right next to Gordon Brown’s own constituency. ‘We must make our objections known to our English MPs. English MPs must stand up for the English workforce'.


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