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Monday, May 11, 2009

David Cameron - Another Tyrant?

"People who stand for public office put themselves forward as people who will rule over the rest of us."

So says David Cameron, who has stood for public office and is an MP - and possible Prime Minister in waiting - making a statement as part of the MPs' Expenses scandal.


But surely our elected representatives should serve? OK, there must be leadership, at times difficult decisions must be taken, but I don't like the emphase on RULING on Mr Cameron's part.

And from what I've heard of his refusal to listen to the calls of the people of England for democratic parity within the so-called United Kingdom, I am very concerned that Cameron really does intend to RULE - refusing to listen to our wishes, and simply letting the devolution inequalities continue.

Do politicians these days really see themselves as RULING the electorate? And not as our elected representatives?

Hopefully this attitude is not too widespread, but David Cameron obviously has more in common with Gordon Brown than what he terms "Scottish blood" in his veins.

All hail the New Ruler in waiting!

God Help England!

God Help Democracy!

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