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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

England 2018 - Brandish Those Scottish Colours And Be Proud!

Ah, England 2018...

But hang on a bit! What's a Scots constituency MP doing there - unelected as PM, unaccountable to the electorate in England, and not terribly popular anywhere?

And why is David Beckham, delightful Nivea boy and "does my dick look big in these designer underpants? Go on - buy a pair!" merchant, holding a scarf which appears to be in Scots saltire colours?

Does the Scotland football team brandish blue and white and red and white scarves?


Very sensible.

Big hat tip to Tommy English. Sorry, Tom, I nicked your picture!

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  1. ..."This, the launch day of the 2018 World Cup bid. It's a great day for football, it's a great day for our country"....

    Cockernee knees-up Gordon Brown launching England's 2018 bid on Monday.