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Monday, April 13, 2009

"Smeargate" - What A Lack Of Imagination!

Like many people, I've been following the events concerning Mr McBride and Mr Draper and "Smeargate" all weekend with great interest.

The only thing which dampens my interest is "Smeargate". I'm tired of "Gates". My palate is seriously jaded. We've had all sorts since Watergate - including Sharon-Gate (EastEnders) - and I now find the -Gate thing instantly boring. And is this any way to attract the interest of those even younger than myself - many of whom already have zero interest in modern politics and view the '70s as prehistoric?

Is it supposed to be evocative? Instantly put us in the picture, whet our appetites to "read on"? I was born in 1965 and I don't even remember Watergate. The -Gate thing makes the whole McBride/Draper affair seem dull, nothing new and the latest in a long series of similar events, stretching back to the early 1070s, sorry I mean 1970s, IMHO.

Whereas in reality the suggested abuse of modern technology for political gain is fascinating, worrying and "of the moment".

But "Smeargate"? Yawn...

Night, night, folks...


  1. LOL! After Sharon-Gate in EastEnders I thought the "Gate" thing was distinctly unfresh. The fact that it's still being parroted is just part of the general malaise - lazy minds with no originality.

  2. If Watergate had happened now, it would have to be known as 'WaterGateGate' :-)