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Monday, April 06, 2009

The DNA Database: Jacqui Smith - She Of The Hitler Mentality - Simply Doesn't Understand "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"...

Yep, here she is again Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, old Hitler in Knickers and Ms Honesty-Plus herself.

The National DNA Database has been declared illegal by the European Court Of Human Rights and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

But Jacqui Smith doesn't want to know. This woman, who has charged some of her husband's porn viewing to the taxpayer and been called into question over her accommodation expenses, makes vague burbling noises about some changes being made at some point. Not enough. The UK DNA Database is immoral and illegal and Jacqui Smith and this government should be sued by every person currently on it who has not been convicted of any crime.

Oh, and Jacqui Smith should be fired for having aroused suspicions about her honesty and worthiness to hold public office. Guilty until proven innocent does, after all, seem to be a notion she strongly favours. When it comes to others.

And today is the day that internet snooping begins.

It's all totally unacceptable.

The evil that men do. And persons, too, of course.

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