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Thursday, April 09, 2009

"I'm Being Picked On Because I'm A Woman," Says Sexist Person Jacqui Smith

Well this made us smile.

No, Jacqui, you're not being "picked on" because you're a woman.

You are being scrutinised because there are certain questions being asked about your integrity.

You are being heavily criticised because of your dictatorial nature, enforcing illegal measures like the DNA Database - on this blog we call you "Hitler In Knickers". The Hitler mentality, of course, is not gender specific.

Here you have been criticised because you are sexist - your recent speech to a women's group in which you stated that "violence against women and girls is unacceptable in any form" - inferring that violence towards men and boys is fine, was completely unacceptable. We grew up in an area where a lot of the women were very prone to initiating acts of violence.

This latest whine of yours reveals just how desperate you are. Are we supposed to say, "Ah, poor Jacqui, how un-chivalrous we've been?" Do you want the old fashioned pedestal chivalry as well as equality? You have a highly paid top government job. Your behaviour should be above reproach.

It doesn't wash. Equality means you take the brickbats as well as the bouquets, without screeching: "Oh, poor me, I'm a woman!" After all, you have a Women's Minister to look after you, and various initiatives we men could only dream of.

But then that's "equality".

You really are a scoundrel.

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  1. ....and a liar and a thief (and about as thick as is possible to get).