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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St George's Day And Slaying Alexis!

We've recently had a couple of rather bitchy comments containing such delights as "what an amusing blog you have here!" and then picking up on issues covered on WENAP, ignoring many of the points raised, and basically wittering on endlessly in a British Unionist or Scots Bigot manner.

One such point was that the Tories originally raised the idea of community service for youngsters in England, and New Labour merely stole the idea. But that does not detract from the fact that Gordon Brown is seeking to impose this on England alone, whilst pretending it will apply to BRITAIN. Nor the fact that it won't apply to his own constituents.

We don't have time to devote to "water muddiers", a couple of whom have even become followers of this blog so that they can monitor posts and flood us with time-wasting nonsense. We are all very busy people and this blog is maintained simply because we feel that every little bit of the blogosphere devoted to the cause is worthwhile.

So, such followers have been banned. Honestly, we haven't heard bitching like it since the days of Dynasty!

This is one dragon (we imagine in pastel pink economy-sized 1980s shoulder pads) we have now slayed.

Enjoy St George's Day!


  1. Seem some dont want the party to end eh!.

    Keep on with the great blog, and dont forget, Scotch views are an irrelevance, as is their Region.

    I truly hope they enjoy the final 14 months of McLabour, with the last ever Scotch PM and Chancellor!.

    Tick-Tock Jock!

  2. Well, I'm part Scots myself (although English born and bred, my mother is Scottish) but there are some truly scurrilous Scots Bigot and Brit Nat liars and water muddiers trolling the Web and I don't have time for them here. Quite literally - I'm far too busy with a demanding full time job and this blog! The issues raised here and on other EP campaigning sites are far too important to give comment space to liars and time wasters.

    It simply confuses visitors who want to know facts.

  3. It's not that Numpty original Bond Bloke pillock is it? God, the man is a complete wassock.

  4. My lips are sealed on this one, Alfie - I don't want to give the pillocks any publicity! :)