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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

David Cameron Tells Lies About The EU

David Cameron irritates the hell out of me. Not quite as much as Gordon Brown, but he still does.

Cameron is the man who tells those of us in England who don't like health apartheid, the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula and who want parity with Scotland that we are "sour little Englanders".

Cameron is the man who speaks proudly of having ancestry who were involved in a "Scottish Empire" and brags of having "Scots blood" flowing through his veins.

Cameron is the man who tells us in England that the Union is everything. Far more important than health apartheid, etc.

Cameron is supposed to be in Opposition to the Government - but it's rarely obvious. Are the Tories SO comfortable that they simply don't want the bother of governing?

And are they, like so many other career politicians, eyeing the glittering prizes available to them through a continuation of the current undemocratic EU set-up? I mean let's face it, integration and interaction on a tiny planet is all to the good, but do we really want dictatorship?

But Mr Cameron thinks its commendable - like Gordy and co, he's willing to tell lies about what would happen if we pulled out of the EU. I'm guessing that he is telling lies. Because I don't think any leading politician could possibly be so thick as to spout the following nonsense in good faith:

Question to David Cameron: Why would you rather be in Europe rather than govern, why don't you want a landslide victory that that policy would give you?

A. The vast majority of the British people want to stay in the EU. From the very next day our businesses will flounder and be unable to export to the EU.

Utter nonsense. Read it all over at "Is There More To Life Than Shoes?"

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