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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The EU Lisbon Treaty Brings Back The Death Penalty

We're not against the concept of a European Union - we actually love the idea. But not a European Dictatorship - which abolishes nations and basically our right to any say. And that is what is happening with the current EU set up.

It's terrifying. And all our politicians are keeping rather quiet about it - even those shouting are not shouting nearly loud enough, our media is not reporting the truth of what is happening, everything is ignored, lied about or played down to the max, and we, the voters, of course, are being denied a referendum.

All sorts of incredible things are happening, and now, via Wonko, we learn that the libertarian EU, apparently so anti-death penalty, has now decided it is to be reinstated - though the fact is craftily hidden away in a footnote in the Lisbon Treaty: the death penalty is apparently abolished "except in the case of war, riots, upheaval".

We're personally against the death penalty under any circumstances, but here the EU makes it plain it will not be used against proven murderers or the likes but in the event of war or protest.

Looks like our powers to protest against our new Masters are being severely curtailed. Unless we want to pay the ultimate price.

The EU experiment must be halted.

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