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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scottish Pride - It's All At The Co-op Now! And England As Part Of Medieval Europe...

It seems the world has just gone madder.

Seen at my local Co-op in Chesterton Road, Cambridge - most of the milk on sale is now called "Scottish Pride" - but the eggs are "British" - shades of the Tesco anti-England stance?

Walking on through Cambridge, I used the subway at the junction of Elizabeth Way, Maids Causeway, Newmarket Road and East Road. I noted with a frown the so-called "Union" flag of Scottish Raj occupation fluttering at the Magistrates Court on East Road (by order of our dictator, sorry, non-elected PM Gordon Brown), and walking through the subway was struck by a huge mural painted by local schoolchildren depicting "Stourbridge Fair - The Biggest Trade Fair In Medieval Europe". But Stourbridge Fair was held on Stourbridge Common, Cambridge, England and England was not PART of medieval Europe, although the fair was attended by people from near and far.

Am I being pernicketty, or is this an example of our schoolchildren being brainwashed into believing that England/Britain has been part of Europe for a lot longer than it actually has? And that Europe, AKA the EU, is very much part of our established order of things?

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  1. The Co-op adverts on the telly leading up to Christmas has a Scottish bloke doing a v/o of lots of Co op products..... "King Edward Potatoes from Scotland... some other product from France..... and something else from...... HAMPSHIRE!!!