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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Scot Gordon Brown Cuts Hospital Budgets In England, But Not Scotland Or Wales...

One of the last acts of Gordon Brown as chancellor was to sneakily cut the English NHS budget, and make sure that Scotland, his own country, which already has higher health spending than in England via the Barnett Formula, was not affected...

From The Financial Times:

Brown cut budget for English hospitals

By Chris Giles and Nicholas Timmins

Published: June 29

Gordon Brown quietly slashed by a third this year’s hospital building and equipment budget in one of his last acts as chancellor. Prompted by the tightness of the public finances, the new prime minister, who has placed the NHS as his “immediate priority”, cut the capital budget of the English NHS for 2007-08 from £6.2bn to £4.2bn. The move could delay the government’s hospital building and reconfiguration programme in England.

However, Mr Brown avoided equivalent cuts to the Scottish and Welsh NHS budgets even though the funding formula for the UK nations suggests they should have shared the pain. That decision leaves him open to criticism that he favoured patients in his home country.

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And we all know that the first act of Gordon Brown as PM was to ensure that England had no chance of a national parliament by abolishing the country into tinpot regions, each with an attendent tinpot minister.

The UK Government is NOT an English Government. It does not act in the best interests of the electorate in England - in fact it wipes your country from the map and treats you as second class citizens.
Whenever Gordon Brown talks of "nations of the UK" you know that he is referring to the nations of Scotland (his homeland), Wales and Northern Ireland. Whenever he refers to "regions" you know he is referring to the country he abolished, after absolutely no consultation with the electorate - the country once known as England.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.