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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Britain Day and Health Apartheid

So, Ruth Kelly and Liam Bryne have stated that they are supportive of the idea of a "Britain Day", possibly a new bank holiday - aimed at bringing together communities in... er... Britain. Or will it simply be England? What was wrong with the suggestion of a national bank holiday for England - St George's Day? After all, Scotland is moving towards making St Andrew's Day a bank holiday?

We all know that, at the behest of the Scottish Raj, we now have a UK where you can be Scottish and British, Welsh and British or simply British. We know too that if you are simply British you will not be entitled to the same health care, democratic representation, public spending or esteem as those in Scotland and Wales.

We know too that Gordon Brown will be a completely unaccountable PM - elected in Scotland, his main power being in England. We know that all this "British" nonsense and refusal to encourage an inclusive civic English nationality is just so the "Celtic" Imperialists can continue to use and abuse England, muddying the waters as much as they can to achieve their aim, treating their own countries as elites.

It's not on.

"Our" Government is corrupt, self-serving, and doesn't give a stuff about democracy in England. Close your ears to the nonsense wittered by the likes of Ruth Kelly and Liam Byrne. They know full well what they are doing, and if you live in England that is certainly not trying to ensure that you have equality in the "UK".

Whatever your origins, colour or creed, sieze your right to be English and to live in a country where you are justly treated.

As Ruth Kelly and Liam Bryne spout their evil, self-serving waffle, children in England are to be denied medication available on the NHS in Scotland...

Around 10,000 people in the UK, mainly of black, Asian and Mediterranean origin, have sickle cell anaemia. Another 800 have the most dangerous form of thalassaemia, a similar disease. Sufferers of the two conditions must undergo regular blood transfusions.While the drug is available in Scotland, most patients in England are not able to get it because local NHS organisations are refusing to pay for a drug that costs £10,000-£15,000 for a year’s supply for a young person. Patients are enduring extra anguish as hospitals and local Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), which commission and pay for healthcare in England, row over who will foot the bill.

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