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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gordon Brown Abolishes England

Wasting no time at all, no referendum, no consultation, no mandate, Gordon Brown has abolished England - broken it up into regions. So, each time you hear him utter "nations and regions" in future, you will know exactly what he is on about. The nations are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The regions are the nation formerly known as England.

And Gordon doesn't care what you think. Why should he? He isn't accountable to any voter in England, er, sorry, I mean the regions...

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Darleen writes:

I'm staggered. So sudden. And not a word to us. Old Mr Democracy himself, Paul Linford, is spinning like a top about this: "At Last A Minister For The North!" and wittering on about conspiracy theorists worried about the "break up of the UK". Eh? What's all that about? The main people worried about the break-up of the UK are sycophants like Paul and the Scottish Raj.
In proclaiming the appointment of a "Minister for the North", Linford conveniently forgets that the North East voted 78% against being turned into a government region.
I Say...
I've seen Mr Linford's post - He's very good - all that spinning and Brown nosing, I'm surprised he hasn't been sick!