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Friday, December 22, 2006

Google Edits Out Christmas and The Union of The Snake...

So, Christmas looms. And next year promises the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union. You know, the Union which saw the abolition of England and the raising of the Scots and Welsh as elite "races" of the "UK" (no DNA tests necessary) - complete with superior health services, public spending and a dicatatorial role for their MPs in running the "regions" of the UK - formerly England.

Let's keep spreading the word.

I note that Google is doing its Politically Correct "Happy Holidays" bit again this year. Surely, the vast majority of people will be celebrating Christmas - whether as a religious festival or an excuse to pig out? If Google finds the tastes of the majority so unappealing, perhaps it should just stick to being a search engine and spare us its patronising and offensive cartoons and messages?

See you next year. Merry Christmas all - and here's to 2007...

UPDATE - 23/12/2006

Sue Campbell...

It's worth remembering that Google edited out England in its recent children's competition, Chris. The idea was for kids to draw images of "Britain", but Google recognised Scotland and Wales, and carved England up into areas with much larger population sizes so that the competition was immediately unfair to kids here. As it was a UK based comp, why wasn't the UK carved up into equal population sizes, and ALL sub-nations ignored?

As usual, it was only England...

Merry Christmas, matey. See you next year!

Ta, Sue. Yeah, Google is pretty priggish and bigoted, isn't it? And all this "happy holidays" stuff makes me think it's July and I'm off to Brighton.

The Politically Correct elite really need discarding. As I say, Google should stick to being a search engine. Their offensive and nonsensical greetings are just not needed.

Merry Christmas

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