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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Posting For Great Britain?

Has anybody else received recent letters/Christmas cards franked by the Post Office "Great Britain"? And if so is this normal?

I don't recall "Great Britain" being franked on my mail in previous years, and can't help wondering if the PO is jumping on the Gordon Brown "let's preserve the Union for the sake of Scotland and my political ambitions and stuff you lot in England" bandwagon?

The liberal elite considered "Great Britain" to be a most outdated and Imperialistic title last time I checked... what's changed? Is the continued denial of democratic rights via the complete submergence of England in the "Union" now seen as more pressing?

Let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree. I wonder if "Great Britain" is now franked on mail in Scotland? Still, it doesn't matter if it is. They are already recognised as a distinct part of "Great Britain".

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