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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The NHS - British - Not English, Even When It's English - Gordon Brown Twists Facts - Again.

It's amazing that Gordon Brown was once again referring to the "British NHS" on the Daily Politics recently - the NHS he was discussing was simply the one in England.

He has no problem separating English from British when he's in Scotland, does he? This type of thing simply heightens my distrust of the man no end.

He's doing himself no favours at all.

Meanwhile, BBC Online recently mentioned Gordon's "Scottish roots" as being problematic for him in his ambition to become PM. Nonsense. Tony Blair has Scottish roots and he's PM, and there are plenty of MPs with Scottish roots in England.

Gordon's constituency is the problem, as the BBC well knows.

The BBC is one of the biggest stirrers of already muddy waters around. And we HAVE to pay for it. It's dictated.

I suggest that if Gordon Brown becomes PM and the vast majority of England's electorate continues to sit back and do nothing, we really will pay - big time!

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