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Saturday, September 16, 2006

David Cameron and the Conservative Party Ditch England

Oh look - lovely new Conservative Party logos (thanks to Stuart Dickson, via the CEP News Blog).

There's one for the Scottish Conservatives. One for... I think it means the Welsh Conservatives (actually, the vast majority of people in Wales do not speak or read Welsh, so I won't be alone in not being able to decipher it) and the last one is for the Conservatives.

None of them are aimed at us here in England, but it's nice to see them all the same. I hope the Tories do very well in Scotland and Wales.

Little Scotlander David Cameron's new policy of alienating and insulting the English puzzles me, but I hope it works well for him. I was fascinated at his rewriting of Poll Tax history as a Scottish experiment and I'm sure his growing number of supporters in Scotland have much else to look forward to!

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