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Friday, September 15, 2006

Conservative Leader David Cameron - Outed - Anti-English Bigot of the Highest Order!

Conservative leader David Cameron has good advice for the English today. They must start respecting the Scots.

Because Scots have "gripes about their place in Britain".

This is the country with its own parliament. The one with five million citizens which pushes the one next door (of 50 million citizens) around.

Mr Cameron has been watching the Bill, a TV soap opera, which has apparently portrayed some drunken Scots in its storylines. This, he has decided, will not do.

Well, Mr Cameron, quite a high proportion of street drunks around where I live in Cambridgeshire do happen to be Scottish. I don't know why. Is my area not typical?

If Mr Cameron disagrees with something on TV, he should write to the company concerned, not kick out at the English and reveal his biased nature.

Being half Scots/half English, my own findings are that apart from the odd flippant use of the word "Jock", my English relatives accept the Scots as kin. But from the majority of members of my North of the Border family, vitriol against the English regularly spews forth. It can be alarming.

Remember people being attacked in Scotland for wearing England shirts this year, including a seven-year-old child?

This is how Mr Cameron's outrageous planned speech is reported in one Scottish newspaper:

David Cameron will today tell the English they are ignorant about Scotland and will challenge the stereotype "that always has a Scot as the drunk on The Bill".....He will add that one aspect of Scottish-English relations he wants to address is attitudes, "and in particular, the ignorance of English people about Scots and Scotland...It matters because the Union is supposed to be a relationship of equals. Not in terms of size, obviously [Nor voting privileges or health, transport and education funding]. But certainly in terms of that most precious of commodities – respect."

The insertion belongs to Gareth of the CEP News Blog.

Mr Cameron has already stopped his party from looking into the democratic deficit facing England. He has already told us that the Barnett Formula is justified because the Scots and Scotland bring so much to the UK. He has already blethered on about the Scottish blood in his veins.

So, despite declaring himself English in his speech, it is clear that Cameron is, in reality, a rabid Little Scotlander.

I'm very puzzled by one statement in the Scotsman article:

David Cameron will today tell the English they are ignorant about Scotland...

But his speech is in Glasgow and will, in all probability, not be reported in England.

Brave Mr Cameron. Bigoted Mr Cameron. Slimy Mr Cameron.


Well, what a speech!

Superhuman Scots? A mangling of the situation regarding "British" sports men and women? A viewpoint that is so plainly bigoted Scot that no amount of David Cameron crying "I'm English!" or going on about "respecting" each corner of the UK will disguise it?

It's all there and reads like an ignorant rant on the letters page of a cheap Scottish tabloid newspaper.

Oh dear... the Tories will be biting the dust in England as well as in Scotland if this keeps up.

The full text of Mr Cameron's venemous, anti-English rant can be found below....


Greg from Cumbria

I believe that the only good Tory is a lavotory, always have, but the Poll Tax did not begin in Scotland a year early because it was an experiment. Plans were well in hand to implement it in England in 1989 [ true, Greg - see here], it was a certainty for 1990, but the early start for Scotland was because of a mid-80s rates re-evaluation - and many Scots believed that the Tax would help.

Cameron apologises for this "experiment" because his grasp of past politics is blurred and odd, clouded by Scottish bigotry and a desire to fan the flames of anti-English hatred in his spiritual homeland. Scotland is the country where a child was attacked for wearing an England football shirt this year. And David Cameron has been stirring the anti-English pot further. What a great man.

Loved the way "nations and regions" sneaked into his speech as reported in the Scotsman!

David Cameron is appealing to anti-English bigots in Scotland - and is clearly one himself. He thinks it's clever to declare himself "proud to be English" but he isn't. Englishness is a state of a mind, like any other national feeling. Cameron is a Little Scotlander - striking out at "sour Little Englanders" (people like me and thee who want a fair deal for England) and slagging us off left, right and centre to his perceived fellow countrymen.

The fact that they wouldn't elect him gift wrapped with tartan bells on is lost on him. And his stock will sink lower in England because of this.

But his heart belongs to Scotland.

It is time the Tories got themselves a decent leader - one dedicated to restoring democracy to the 50 million people who make up the electorate in England, not a shit stirring Little Scotlander.

Must do better, folks.

And here's Sylv from Salford

I reckon you're all over-estimating Dave Cameron. Yeh, the guy might have some romantic Victorian notions of his ancestors tossing their cabers in the bonny, bonny heather, but he's not really pro-Scottish. Or anti-English. He's just a Unionist twit with a huge ego.

"Imagine if I get more Scots to vote Tory - to vote for ME! Imagine what a feather in my cap that would be! Everybody would then KNOW how super I am!"

It's vote whoring, pure and simple.

The fact that he might upset the English with his unfair comments or stir up more anti English crap in Scotland doesn't occur to him.

The fact that the Scots think he's a pathetic Tory twat (and he is) is completely beyond his radar.

He's a bear of very little brain.

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