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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gordon Brown: Scottish and British are Separate Nationalities

Via Gareth at the CEP News Blog comes hot news from our possible PM-to-be...

The prospect of an MP representing a Scottish constituency becoming British PM is a tremendous blow to democratic rule, but now Gordon Brown has made things even worse by revealing his thoughts on the state of Britain - the British rabble and the Scottish elite...

Gordon Brown has been shooting his mouth off in his homeland, the BBC (but only in Scotland) reports, and it transpires that he believes the Scots are a separate nationality to the British.

On first sight, the article reads like a wonderful rallying call for the Scots as a constituent nationality of Britishness (although his speech does nothing to address the democratic deficit in England).

But then Gordon slips up...

Here's Mr Brown revealing his hand on BBC Scotland Online.

"A Britain founded on both the devolution of power but also on a partnership which brings us stability, co-operation and mutual support is the best way of expressing the aspirations of the Scottish and British people."

At this point, he does not even dignify the English and Welsh nationalities by acknowledging their existence.

Gordon said it himself. So, Mr Brown, you are Scots, not British, so why are you trying to become British PM?



Sue Campbell

Gordon Brown believes so passionately in the concept of Britishness that he shoots his wife off to Scotland to ensure that his children are born Scottish!

England is "Britain", or "UK" to Mr Brown, there to be used and abused, but his homeland is always "Scotland". Sweet bonny Scotland. Like many Scots MPs, Brown is a twisted dictator.

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