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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lord Richard of Ammanford - Basically Says Fuck England!

Wales On-line picks up on odious New Labour toady Liam Byrne praising up the Barnett Formula (despite its creator, Lord Joel Barnett, saying its unfair to England). Wales On-line makes quite a fair fist of it, pointing out:

In 2007-08 the Government spent £7,535 per head in England, £8,577 in Wales and £9,179 in Scotland.

Liam Byrne declares the Formula "fair enough" - keep pocketing the dosh whilst you can, Liam, the gravy train's heading for the cliff - and then some English-hating racist, apparently CHAIRMAN of the Inquiry, blasts in:

Mr Byrne was challenged over his “fair enough” assessment by the inquiry chairman, Lord Richard of Ammanford, who said: “It doesn’t actually mean anything. Look at the difference between Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland – is that fair?”

So, this Lord Richard of Ammanford is CHAIRMAN of the Inquiry, but quite plainly doesn't give a shit about England? And why doesn't he mention England? Because it's not "pure" or so-called "Celtic" enough? And yet, despite not rating a mention from his Lordship, England is getting the worst deal of all!

Lord Richard of Ammanford is highly biased and certainly not committed to what's good for ALL - get him OFF!

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