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Sunday, June 07, 2009

David Cameron - Just As Much An Anti-English Wanker As Gordon Brown...

Voting Conservative is, for many people, voting for the lesser of two evils.

And one of the things which adds to the sense of evil emanating from David Cameron's Tory Party is the not-so-great man's anti-English spoutings ("sour little Englanders!"), and Scots jingoism (like describing certain of his ancestors as "Scottish Empire builders" - who "conquered all sorts of parts of India").

And, of course, David Cameron has recently once more been up to his beloved Scotland, promising to "rule" that country with respect.

Not so, England, of course. Bugger the Barnett Formula, the West Lothian Question and health apartheid - better dead English people than a broken Union!

Whilst the Tories did very well in the local elections in England, they could have done much better. And in addressing the legitimate concerns of the electorate in England could have helped to halt the successes of the odious BNP.

On, whilst relaying news about the English local elections, the site couldn't even bear to write the country's name. Read about the "local elections [UK rump, obviously] - 2009 live results" here.

David Cameron is just as much an anti-English wanker as Gordon Brown. He just talks posher.

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