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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daniel Hannan: "Break Up England - Problem Solved!"

Daniel Hannan, star of YouTube, and undemocratic, cheesy-arsed, gravy train-riding MEP for South East England, advances his own plan to save the UK, and break-up England. As usual, it's not devolution for England, decided by the electorate in England, it's devolution in England, the break-up of the nation, orchestrated by the UK Government and the EU that is the desired course of action.

As for the issue of devolution, this Hannan has a definite end-game. There is no power bestowed on the Holyrood Parliament under the 1998 Scotland Act that could not, in England, be exercised by counties and cities. The decentralisation of power in England is, of course, a meritorious goal in itself. But a happy consequence of English localism would be the rectification of the lopsided 1998 settlement: all Westminster MPs would find themselves on the same footing, dealing with defence, foreign affairs and immigration. Domestic questions - health, education, policing, social security- would be decided more closely to the people. All clear?

So, each county or "region" of England is awarded the same powers as the Scottish parliament? Completely unworkable. And undemocratic.

The people of England need a referendum on how they are governed - the same thing the Scots and Welsh were given.

Despite being last year's YouTube hit, Hannan is a wally.

In fact, the anti-English arrogance of the likes of guzzling Hannan make me sick.

Fuck off, man - let the people decide!

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