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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Comments Now Open

When Drew started CEP Cambridgeshire some years ago, he had a severe problem with a bizarre and long-winded commenter (not "Alba" - as far as I know!) and, as Blogger was not then so sophisticated, decided that all CEP Cambs comments should be sent to a dedicated e-mail address for scrutiny before publication. I adopted this system when beginning WENAP, partly because WENAP was origionally a kind of CEP Cambs follow-on, and partly because I'm not very good with Blogger or anything else internet-wise.

This situation has continued up to now, but from this weekend I have finally found the time to explore the Blogger comments system, found it gloriously straight-forward, and now happily declare COMMENTS OPEN!

I hope that those who have contributed here on a regular basis via e-mail will continue to contribute, and that others will take advantage of the new easier-to-make-your-views-heard system.

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