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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Too Poor To Be British...

The late comedian, Bob Hope:

"My parents were English. We were too poor to be British."

And in these days of the Barnett Formula, the West Lothian Question and non-representative MPs, to be English, meaning to be a resident of England, is to be a second rate UK citizen. You can DIE in England for want of medication available in Scotland on the NHS.

On 1 April 2007, Prescription Charges will be abolished in Wales. It doesn't matter if you are a multi-millionaire, you won't pay a penny. In England, on the same day, Prescription Charges will be raised. Oh, and by the way, England is subsidising better conditions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland via the Barnett Formula.

It's as though the UK Government believes that you are inferior...

Isn't it funny how the English are blamed for...

The partitioning of Ireland - carried out under Welsh PM Lloyd George, with a Cabinet stuffed full of Scots!

The British Empire - Ireland and Wales were fully involved, and the Scots was proportionately more highly involved than the English!

British involvement in Iraq - sorry, but Tony Blair is of Scottish/Irish parentage, born and educated in Scotland.

Think of all the anti-English rantings you hear and read - look around you - the so-called "Celtic" elite are always accusing, always holding you to account for things that you as a modern-day resident of England had nothing to do with, always blaming the English for things that are actually their own fault.

England is always scapegoated, always expected to carry the guilt of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

But awareness is spreading. Things are changing. England will have equality within the UK - or without it.


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