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Friday, March 16, 2007

"Celtgelt" - You Know It Makes Sense!

Chris is now away until Tuesday and I shall be caretaking the blog until then. One or two more e-mails from Scotland, but unfortunately anti-English bigotry, foul language, and a terribly dense attitude prevail. I cannot reply without giving publicity to what seems like some form of race hatred in some cases, and without repeating what Chris has already written in others. It also appears that one of the writers is adopting different e-mail addresses and names. Very childish.

Take heart people of England - the end of the Scottish Raj is in sight. We, together with Wales and Northern Ireland, will gain equality within the UK - or the UK can go hang. What is most disturbing is the blatant Anglophobia in some of the most recent e-mails and the fact that some of the writers really do seem to consider themselves to be part of some sort of superior race (or it's the biggest wind-up since "Game For A Laugh"!). If they are to be taken seriously, it is chilling.
Sylv - the map is on its way to you - Chris posted it just before he left. If you haven't received it by Tuesday, please let him know.
Greg - a lift to London might be possible - can you contact Clifton?
And remember "CELTGELT" - you know it makes sense.
Have just received another e-mail, apparently from one of the Scots contingent, requiring advice about his sexuality. Sorry, "Mr S Bear", this is not a counselling service. Honestly, what a bunch of wallies (grin)! Fun's over, lads/lasses - future e-mails will be marked spam and deleted unread.

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