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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celtgelt And Scotsmen On English Bank Notes...

Illustration Waking Hereward, 2007

When you get one of the new Bank of England £20 notes with a picture of Scotsman Adam Smith on, write "Celtgelt" on it. What is "Celtgelt"? More about that in a moment, but first let's look at the idea of Scotsmen on English bank notes.

Is it Scotophobic to resent such a thing? Not at all. Scotland has its own bank notes, celebrates its own luminaries, it is inappropriate to also feature them on English notes. England is another country. Far more appropriate to feature modern-day English people representing ethnic minorities who have come here from abroad than people from a fellow Union country, only next door, which already has its own UK currency.

It also demonstrates the unhealthy hold that Scotland has over England. Scotland is a country of 5 million citizens. And yet its MPs dominate our parliament. Its non-representative MPs pervert democratic rule in England. Its citizens are heavily subsidised by us. You can actually DIE in England for want of medication available free on the NHS in Scotland.

The Scottish thing has become dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, England does not somehow deserve this treatment. Many of the past misdeeds attributed to us are actually more properly the fault of the Scots and Welsh. The partitioning of Ireland? Carried out by a Welsh PM with a cabinet stuffed full of Scots. The Empire? Well, whether you consider it good or bad, the Scots were disproportionately involved.

Whatever, the past is the past and England has contributed a tremendous amount of good things to the world. We do not need to carry guilt for the whole of the UK. We deserve equality.

Find out about CELTGELT at Waking Hereward here -


Sylv from Salford

The Scots are everywhere. You wouldn't think it was a tiny nation of five million people, would you?

Their desire to colonise is as strong as in the days of Empire

Now, to puzzle the English and muddy the waters, they're planning to turn Liverpool into a "mini-region". No referendum. It's just to be forced through to ease the way for our non-representative PM in waiting Gordon Brown. Divide and rule. And the mini-region will simply be a piece of quango-ristic nonsense. It will be a talking shop. There will be bankhanders going on. Nice bits of corruption here and there. The electorate will be shat upon, as usual. Mark my words - it will in no way compare to the Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly.

It will not answer the West Lothian Question, Barnett Formula or health apartheid.

The Scots and Welsh will continue to rule and abuse England.

And now Scots are even cropping up on English bank notes, despite having their own. What's on Scottish bank notes? I'll bet it's not English people.

England MUST be set free!

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