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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Will Francome, Wall To Wall - Ignore What Doesn't Suit Your Agenda, and Channel 4 - 100% English? 100% Anti-English Racist Bile!

The Channel Four programme 100% English pooh-poohed the whole concept of Englishness. Despite letters from many people aware of the diverse genetic make-up of the English to the programme makers earlier this year, Channel 4 went for a hatchet job. Here is my brother-in-law Drew Brett's letter, sent before the programme went into production, which Will Francome, of Wall To Wall, ignored.

Dear Mr Francome,

My point is that there IS such a thing as pure Englishness - it is the mongrel breed that inhabits this country of ours - myself, recent immigrants and all. Since devolution, concepts of Englishness have changed. I see people of many ethnicities sporting the Cross of St George emblem on their sports clothes, flying that flag and discussing England and Englishness.

Britishness, Scottishness and Welshness are just as false when placed under the microscope. So why pick on Englishness? It is likely simply to cause ill feeling. Remember, Englishness pre-dates Britishness and our system of government, and many of the institutions in England were in fact originally English.

Watching a TV programme where innocents are shown their family history and told they are not English, they are "mongrels" does not appeal to me. The show should be open to the increasing number of people of all ethnicities in England who define themselves as English.

Scapegoating and ridiculing Englishness is a form of racism. Would you make such a programme about the Scots? There is a problem with racism in that country, too!

Drew's letter hinged totally on the concept of Englishness as a nationality. That's fine, when you consider that the founders of Englishness were Saxons, Jutes, Celts and others! The English have never been of "pure ethnicity" - and know that. Even the oft-used Anglo Saxon tag is simply shorthand - English people know that there is more to Englishness than that genetically, and that Englishness has evolved, and continues to evolve.

But, according to Wall To Wall, the English do not exist. No possibility of a progressive, civic nationalism, but an excellent job done by politically correct morons, employing Nazi-style criteria, flying in the face of the Commission for Racial Equality, to try and ensure that England and Englishness continue to lay buried in the vaults of Unionism and that we continue to see the UK Government valuing Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish lives over those in England.

And yet, all this wasn't evident when Wall To Wall invited people to participate. The show was promised to be an exploration of English identity today.

Just like Mongrel Nation, Channel 4's other anti-English effort (surely all nations are made up of diverse influences?) in 100% English the English were given a right pasting.

A handful of not-exactly-typical people, including a bigot or two, were picked out and smacked hard by an even bigger bunch of bigots, the show's makers, determined to see that a whole nation is destroyed and that its peoples are never given national voice again.

And this with certain cancer drugs available in the other UK nations on the NHS but not available in England!

With NHS patients from England receiving inferior treatment to those elsewhere in the UK.

With public spending lower in England than the other nations of the UK.

With MPs from the other UK nations dictating policy in England.

You'll help us to fee bad, nasty and non-existent here in England, won't you, Channel 4? Serve us right for being nasty "mongrels", eh?

Nice one!

English Democrats Party Press Release...

Channel 4 endorses Nazi race purity theories

On Monday 13th November at 8 pm Channel 4 is screening a programme entitled “100% English.” That programme is not a programme about who is English and who is not. It is a programme about the race and ethnicity DNA purity tests produced by a DNA company based in the deep south of the United States. Channel 4 has warmly endorsed those DNA purity tests as the tests for establishing a person’s race and ethnicity in total opposition to the tests laid down by the UK judiciary under the Race Relations Legislation. Just like the Nazis endorsed the work of earlier scientists to undertake a purity of race and ethnicity categorisation, Channel 4 has done likewise. Channel 4 has allowed the English racial identity claimed by the participants to blind it to the true implications of its programme.

For continuation, click link below...

Link -> Channel 4 endorses Nazi race purity theories


Sue Campbell

Good to see you back, Chris. Did you read Carol Midgley in The Times regarding 100% English: "this programme did little to challenge my long-held belief that people who protest long and loud about being English (“not British!”) are a bit strange."

What a disgrace. And yet people can be Scots or Welsh and not British and Carol Midgley doesn't mind that at all? And she bases her opinion on the handpicked bigots on 100% English?

Carol Midgley is a British anti-English racist. The CRE recognises the English, unfair devolution has made many English people sick of the "British" thing, and yet she just wades in and negates us all, having watched some sensationalised anti-English rubbish on the telly?

What would have happened if she'd made the same comment about the Scots or Welsh?

It's easy to see that Ms Midgley does not rely on the NHS for her healthcare! She is totally cut off from the discrimination levelled against England by the Scots-dominated UK Government today.


Greg from Cumbria

So, out of all the nationalities in the world, Channel 4 is claiming that to be English the fact most be proved via a rigid DNA screening programme? But to be Scottish, Welsh, French, Polish, American, Canadian, etc, etc, you just have to say so?

What sort of dreadful Hitler-esque nonsense is this?

Why are they picking on my nationality?

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