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Thursday, November 16, 2006

100% English: Alex Graham, Scot, Behind Wall To Wall Channel 4 Attack On The English...

The English Democrats Party have interesting news...

"We have discovered that the Chief Executive of 'Wall to Wall' the company which produced "100% English" ~ a Mr Alex Graham ~ is a Scot, which may go a long way to explaining the patently anti-English bias which manifests itself here!"

Oh dear. Why doesn't this surprise me? Being a half-Scot myself, I know how horribly bigoted my Scots family (or at least the vast majority of it) can be when it comes to the English. That there is a Scot (no DNA test necessary) behind this latest attack on the English is not surprising, but still distressing.

It doesn't excuse Channel 4 for allowing this racist outrage to be broadcast. Who was calling the shots there, I wonder?


"Sylv from Salford"...

So, the 100% English was a racist swipe against the English by a company headed by a Scot? There are so many Scots and Welsh jingoists/racists/bigots about in politics and the media now - it's scary.

Well, if there are actually no English people, there won't be any Scots or Welsh either, not if subjected to the rigid American DNA test, so the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly should be disbanded immediately and Britain returned to normal. We can all be simply British.

No? Then there ARE English people, there IS an England, and England needs fair recognition politically.

The Scots are becomingly frighteningly fascist. Ethnic purity, Mr Alex Graham of Wall to Wall? Whatever next? And Channel 4 is one of those PC "fascist non-fascist" organisations. Is it really clever to give a mouthpiece to a Scots racist and attack the English, the only people in the UK with no national recognition, no voice?

How brave you are, Channel 4 and how "right on". If the Nazi dream happens to be the ideal, that is.



"Dave The Gadgie" from Newcastle

It occurs to me to consider the make-up of Britain. There are fifty million people in England, eight million in Scotland and Wales, combined.

And yet Tony Blair, Scottish born PM, has surrounded himself with Scots and Welsh folk in his cabinet...

The Deputy PM - Welsh

The Chancellor - Scottish

The Speaker of the House of Commons - Scottish

The UK Culture Minister - Scottish

The Home Secretary - Scottish

The Transport Minister for England - Scottish

The Lord Chancellor - Scottish

And yet Scotland has its own Parliament, independent of the UK in 75% of all matters, but Scots MPs, most unaccountable to the electorate in England, are ruling England.

And English people musn't and in fact cannot be English. But Scottish and Welsh people can be "proud" of being Scottish and Welsh DESPITE equal (and in fact disproportionately higher on the part of the Scots) involvement in the old British Empire which England and the English are being scapegoated for.

Now the English are being written out of existence and Scots and Welsh racists rule Britain. No DNA test necessary for them.

Personally, I believe that any citizen of England can be English, regardless of race, colour or creed. And the people of England must get together, because with the West Lothian Question, health apartheid and Barnett Formula all working against them, it really is time they woke up!

It's the 21st Century. This should not be happening. And the media, including the BBC, sits in the Government's pocket and actively colludes to hide the facts from the general public!

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