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Monday, October 23, 2006

It's England's Oil

From the latest Campaign for an English Parliament newsletter…

The SNP once again recycles the same tired argument about North Sea Oil and gas subsidising the rest of the UK. Conveniently, they fail to mention that the maritime border was moved heavily in Scotland’s favour a couple of decades ago and that a lot of “oor oil” is actually England’s oil gifted to Scotland by a British government desperate to pacify nationalists.

International convention says that a maritime border between two countries is an extension of the land border. The land border between England and Scotland points upwards on both the east and west coast. The maritime border used to follow this convention putting a large portion of North Sea oil and gas in English waters. Should Scotland ever achieve fiscal or full independence, it would be unacceptable for the maritime border to remain where it is now. Moving the border was nothing more than a bribe. The English weren’t consulted and their permission was not sought to donate their natural resources to another country. A lot of the North Sea oil and gas rightfully belongs to England.

Stuart Parr

Fascinating. Another incident of the British government treating Scotland as a country in its own right and England as the rump of the UK. The people of England should have been given a say in this matter and the maritime boundary must be corrected.

So, next time some bombastic idiot begins the “it’s oor oil” routine in your hearing, you know what to say!

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